Capehart Enterprises tracks back multiple generations, and a multitude of Ventures.

Here are just a few…

One of our early ventures in the 1950's and 1960's 

 -Capehart Delicatessen on Webster Road in DeerPark. (Current Location of Barressi Restaurant)

Jump forward to the 1970s and 1980s

-A Venture with the Cincinnati Post in Hyde Park

-“Routes 62 and 63” with the Cincinnati Enquirer on the far East side of Cincinnati.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s

-Foxx Lawn Care

-Ventures into Propery Management and both Commercial and Residential Real Estate proved both enlightening and prosperous.

-Knight’s Kingdom and Foxx Palace BBS Services

-1987 Venture into a small Dry Cleaning Chain in NorthWest Cincinnati.

By the end of the first year we improved customer and community perspective and replaced most of the cleaning equipment.

By the mid 1990s we increased business and Moved one location opened more locations (including some short term joint ventures, which we eventually bought out)

-We ventured into commercial real estate with multiple purchases around Colerain Avenue and Springdale Road. One of the busiest intersections in the state (at the time)

In 2000 we sold off most of our ventures and most of the team went separate ways.

We still kept a few small projects going.

Some of the team retired, other members dove into Teaching, Computer Networks, Home Repair, Data Analysis, Security, Merchandising, and Non-Profits.


In the 2010’s we added some new team members, with a very diverse set of skills and interests.

We are once again, on the expansion.


Over the years we have had our ups and downs.

Survived Great Blizzards, Floods, Hurricanes (in Ohio no less), Tornados, and the occasional illness.

We pride ourselves from learning from both our ups and downs. Especially our downs.

We aspire to deliver better quality, better experiences and our clients expect better!


No matter what we do, we strive to do it better. Continually!



 We support a number of wonderful organizations, which can be found on our community page.

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